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B001Give Your Dog a Bone (BOOK)Written by Dr Ian Billinghurst this book was launched at a three-day Bichon Frise conference in western Sydney on the 17th November 1993. (International delivery charge $AUD14.00)Details$45.00
B002The BARF Diet (BOOK)"THE BARF DIET" is a useful primer for the beginning BARFer. (International delivery charge $AUD14.00)Details$35.00
B003Grow Your Pups with Bones (BOOK)This is the second in a series of books that deal with feeding companion animals for maximum health. (International delivery charge $AUD28.00)Details$49.00
B004The BARF Diet (BOOK) Japanese TranslationNow available for our Japanese speaking BARFERS. Opening Special! (International delivery charge $AUD14.00)Details$14.00
B005Pointing the Bone at CancerPointing The Bone At Cancer is a book about cancer in dogs, cats and humans. It chronicles and provides a solution for a disease that is striking with increased frequency and severity.Details$77.00
D001The BARF Diet (DVD)(International delivery charge $AUD10.00)Details$38.00
D002The Evolutionary Diet (DVD)(International delivery charge $AUD10.00)Details$38.00
E001Give Your Dog a Bone (eBook)This popular book is now available in eBook (.epub) format - requires an eBook reader.Details$25.00
E002The BARF Diet (eBook)This popular book is now available in eBook (.epub) format - requires an eBook reader.Details$20.00
P001Give Your Dog a Bone (PDF)This popular book now available as an interactive PDF - requires Adobe Reader.Details$25.00